Saturday, November 29, 2014

Trash & Treasures Cleanup With Keep Grapevine Beautiful and H20 + Greenliving

This summer, we launched an awesome initiative with our partner organization the JB Dondolo Foundation called H20 + Green Living. The overall objective of H20 + Greenliving is to bring companies, organizations and individuals together who promote clean energy, green urban design, holistic health and beauty.

For our first local community project, we helped Keep Grapevine Beautiful clean up Lake Grapevine's beautiful shoreline. Lake Grapevine is an 8,000 acre recreational lake park with miles of shoreline and more than 9 miles of wilderness trails in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. Every year, Keep Grapevine Beautiful hosts the "Trash & Treasures Cleanup" as part of their litter prevention and cleanup program.

Thanks to Keep Grapevine Beautiful's open heart, this 2014's "Trash & Treasures Cleanup" featured our partner Ben Lecomte who swam Lake Grapevine about 4 miles in total as a thank-you to the over 100 volunteers that came out. Ben is an amazing athlete who will be swimming the Pacific Ocean later this year from Tokyo to San Francisco. His goal is to educate all of us around the globe about the impact we each can make in cleaning up our environment. We also presented a greenhouse made of recycled plastic that showcased green lifestyle products you definitely want to check out. We'll have a feature on each of the companies that donated items in our Fall 2014 Health & Beauty Guide.


Sporting Goods Company REI was the major sponsor of the KGVB Trash & Treasure Cleanup

Sailboats on Lake Grapevine


Special thanks to the Editor-In-Chief of Equanimity Magazine - Lumbie Mlambo. Equanimity Magazine sponsored Ben Lecomte's swim of Lake Grapevine to the excitement of the kids and volunteers. Special thanks also to Grapevine's Fire Department who provided Ben with logistics support as he swam.

Lumbie Mlambo, Editor-In-Chief of Dallas-based Equanimity Magazine

Waiting for Ben as he finishes his 4 mile swim!

Ben reminded us of the importance of recycling our plastic bottles. He said that when he was a child and would swim in France in the rivers by his home, there was hardly a plastic bottle to be found. But now, it's a different story! Let's clean up our waters for the next generation.

Ben Lecomte holding 4 Mamma Chia Squeezes! Mamma Chia donated over a hundred vitality snacks!

H20 + Greenliving's piece de resistance was partnering with Global Greenology to present a 12 x 12 Greenhouse showcasing "green" lifestyle products from some of the best, innovative and creative companies in the country.

Global Greenology's Greenhouse is made using 100% recycled plastic!

CEO of Global Greenlogy Ken Peterson putting together a podium made of recycled paper!

Some of the great items auctioned off:

Texas Farm Girl Green Bag
This included an autographed copy by children's book author Rebecca Crownover of her wonderful book "Texas Farm Girl." The bag also included a Deluxe TickleMe Plant Family Greenhouse and two yummy Mamma Chia Juice Squeeze Snacks.

Safonique Natural Cleaning Green Bag

This bag included Soulful Essence Get The Funk Out Disinfecting Spray, Safonique's Detergent 2X Natural Cleaning Power Eco-Friendly Lavender Sea Laundry Detergent and a 12-pack of Mamma Chia Juice Squeezes.

We raised $850 our first event. We donated 100% of our proceeds on North Texas Giving Day September 18, which resulted in our donation amount to Keep Grapevine Beautiful doubling.

Special Thanks to The Companies That Donated Items for The Silent Auction.
Be sure to support your local farmers and innovative green lifestyle companies that are doing their part to make our world more beautiful and healthier!

1. Sweet Escapes by Zajigirl - that's us!
2. Gwen's Blends -
3. Le Motto Designer Tees -
4. Texas Farm Girl - Rebecca Crownover -
5. I Am Grateful To You Jewelry -
6. Vi Bella Handcrafted Jewelry -
7. Dorfman Pacific -
8. Tumblewalla -
9. Aromaearth -
10. Tawna Hill Baby -
11. Linkouture - 
12. Zorica of Malibu -
13. Safonique -
14. Mamma Chia -
15. Soulful Essence -
16. Karma Handicrafts, Grapevine -
17. Love Gem Studio -
18. Prema Day Spa, Richardson -