Sunday, December 14, 2014

Fall 2014 Health & Beauty Bootcamp - Introducing Week Four

Photo: Agency Dreamstime

Our 4-Week Fall Health & Beauty Bootcamp has come to its conclusion. The whole purpose of this bootcamp was to focus on introducing some small changes in our diet, meditating on our financial wellness and coming up with a plan for a prosperous 2015. Our Bootcamp was inspired by the Hebrew New Year which began this September. Let's make 2015 a time of more discipline, changing old mindsets and bad habits and really making good habits, healthy nutrition and true beauty a part of our every day lifestyle.

WEEK FOUR is pretty simple - see if you can incorporate the following:

Make Two Fruit/Veggie Smoothies Twice A Week
Drink Lemon Water every week
Create A Menu for each week in the month - that keeps your daily routine from being boring. Make the last week of the month a fun week - go out to eat; try new restaurants; add a new global cuisine to your menu like Moroccan food or Chinese food.
Wine Tasting - add cherry or pomegranate wine to your grocery list.
Financial Wellness - listen to a video, audio or anything that focuses your mind on removing financial curses, getting out of a new book and develop a 12-month plan for what you want to achieve financially. Your mind, body and spirit health are often reflected in your financial wellness.

Here's a recap of Weeks 1-3. You can check out our previous posts for the details of each. We're getting ready for our Winter 2015 Bootcamp. Each one of our bootcamps is 4 weeks. We're doing this right along with you - being more disciplined, changing bad habits and being healthy on every level.

Fruit/Veggie Smoothie: Israel Melon & Cucumber
Wine Tasting: Cherry Wine

SHOPPING LIST #1: We picked our top 5 must-haves for our health & beauty bootcamp.



Fruit/Veggie Smoothie: Cantaloupe and Raspberry
Detox: Lemon Water
Cooking Day: SOUPS - Tomato Basil Soup