Saturday, August 29, 2015

Financial Wellness - What To Do In the Upcoming Global Economic Crisis

Financial wellness is a major issue in these times of crisis. Just take a look at global financial markets. We need to make sure that we are spiritually grounded and have the practical wisdom to know how to build our financial houses on a sure foundation.

We're lovin this video series by Australian pastor Neville Johnson.

Highlights of his videos:

1. Tithing - tithing is what belongs to God. Tithing rebukes the curse of poverty. Poverty is a curse.
2. Offerings - these are your gifts to God. The seed you sow that God will multiply and requires you to sow in good ground - with people helping others, feeding others with the positive, word and sound power of the Holy Scriptures and other things as He directs.
3. Harvest - this comes about when you press into the Covenant. He talks about the covenant in more detail. The manifestation of that Covenant is the blessings and multiplication and the prosperity that builds God's kingdom.

What we're seeing in the news is the destruction of one economic system and out of the ashes if we are solid in our spiritual understanding, our faith, with hard work - we'll enter into the new kingdom - the kingdom of God which isn't subject to recessions, greedy corporate interests, and evil inhuman doctrines and philosophies.

Take a listen. The videos are about an 1 hour each. Kingdom Finances Part 1 Wealth Transfer Part 2 The Harvest Part 3

Spiritual Meditations - Dealing With Our Egos - Vayikra 1

Vayikra is the original Hebrew name for the English-labeled Book of Leviticus. Vayikra comes from the Hebrew Bible. Leviticus is a book attributed to the Hebrew patriarch Moses. He was a priest, and he came from a family of priests. A major role of the Hebrew priests was to ensure that their communities, families and individuals were healthy and well - mind, body and soul. Vayikra's heart and soul is rooted in African spirituality, as Moses himself was an Egyptian who lived in Egypt and also was married to an Ethiopian woman from the Midian province (Sudan area) and lived there and ruled over Ethiopia for 40 years. His Ethiopian father-in-law was instrumental in Moses' spiritual growth and understanding. Since we are embracing the amazing health benefits and beauty secrets of African botanicals, it felt fitting to explore this spiritual book as we embark on our 8 Week Health and Beauty Challenge.

 Each week we'll be reading from a chapter of Vayikra - meditating on the spiritual lessons and insights it brings to our quest for a truly wholesome, healthy and beautiful life.

 Chapter 1: Vayikra/Leviticus is known by most people for all the dos and don'ts of the Bible. Don't eat shrimp. Do this to stay clean or don't do this to be unclean. It's a book of instructions. But interestingly, it doesn't start out with the series of do's and don'ts but starts out by outlining how to give God/Yahweh the right kind of offering.

The God of the Hebrews is known by the name Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh - spelling it phoenetically Ayah Asha Ayah - I Am WHO I Am ).Yahweh (He Is WHO He Is).

The requirements of making an offering to Him - are that it comes from your wealth (in this case at the time it was mostly from livestock), you offer it willingly, and that if it's an animal sacrifice you burn that's it's a male without blemish. It's kind of gory, because it requires you to put your hand on the head of the animal and kill it.

This first chapter talks about the different animals that can be sacrificed, and how the way they are sacrificed is "an offering made by fire, a sweet aroma to the LORD."

Most of us when we think of animal sacrifices, we think of the suffering animal. It seems quite cruel and barbaric to our modern sensibilities. Think about how tactile that is to put your hand on an animal you are going to kill, especially an animal like a bull that is big and strong. That's not a pleasant experience.

But it's time to get past our modern sensibilities and get back to the core and root of who we are and to the true spirituality of the Ancients. Each animal represents a psychological/spiritual state.

A bull is strong, aggressive. If you're a rancher or a farmer, a bull is the key to your wealth as how else do you get more cows and bulls? Bulls are difficult animals. They get what they want by their strength. They are intimidating and kind of self-centered animals.

The Apis Bull at The Louvre, in Paris (Ancient Egypt)

So, when you sacrifice a bull, you're not just killing an animal, you're killing that aspect of yourself - sacrificing that aspect of your strength, your beauty, your glory...everything that your ego is about - has to be sacrificed and that's what makes that offering a "sweet aroma" to Yahweh.

The second animal that is highlighted is a male sheep or a male goat- a ram. Ram's are known for their horns - you know they can fight. Their beautiful horns are often trophies. And they are quite stubborn. They are proud and self-centered.

Rams (Male Sheep), Temple of Amen, Karnak, Egypt

The third is a He-Goat. Goats are just like rams.

From  - Ancient Egyptians Farming

The fourth is a turtle dove or pigeon. When you think about pigeons - you think gentle, fat and plump but they are strong and swift fliers. They are smart birds as they can remember faces and have been used over millenia to send messages over vast distances.

When you read this chapter, think about the qualities of each animal. Those qualities are in every single one of us - whatever your strength is, your beauty, your intelligence, your abilities...before we can be healthy physically and emotionally, we need to deal with our egos and our self-centered perspectives.

The true Ancients were not psychopaths or wanton destroyers as we seem to have devolved to now for all our moral superiority on not killing animals. As humankind, we seem to be doing worse to this planet and living less like human beings then those that came before us did. The true Ancients walking in the true spiritual light didn't kill animals for the sport of it. In the very beginning of the Hebrew Bible, we're told that it was men and women's responsibility to take care of the Earth and that includes all the animals.

But there are spiritual realities and truths we all have to face at some point in our lives. And the ugliest and goriest part of life's experiences are when we have to lay our egos, our pride, our beauty, our smarts, our whatever it makes us think we're wonderful on the altar and burn it with fire - WILLINGLY. Life can burn you unwillingly. It's a cruel world out there, but when you do sacrifice those aspects of yourself that each of those animals represent, you're on the path to health, wellness and a beautiful life.

Meditate on that this week.

 Reading List: Vayikra (Book of Leviticus) - New King James Version -

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Beautiful Feet - Dr. Singha's Mustard Bath

Some of the oldest therapeutic remedies are coming back. Dr. Singha developed this therapy based on centuries-old, well-known therapies for good preventative health care. Most people these days at least in America are overmedicated and pop pills for anything. That's not a pillar of good health.

We tried this mustard bath as a foot soak as our feet often absorb alot of impurities.

We've included Dr. Singha's biography below and links to the site. We picked up these mustard bath powders at Whole Foods.The ingredients include mustard which is known to stimulate, cleanse and rejuvenate. It also helps to open pores and assists in the elimination of impurities. This mustard bath includes organic mustard seed powder, essential oils such as thyme and rosemary.

We soaked our feet for about 10 minutes then rinsed off.

After your foot soak, consider purchasing some eco-friendly nail polish. Yes, alot of the conventional nail polish is toxic! We need to send a message to these huge corporations to stop the HATE when it comes to our health.

Love this nail polish brand! Sheswai Lacquer

Dr. Shyam Singha was a Master Acupuncturist, Osteopath, Homeopath and Chef. He was the Founder and Chairman of the Natural Therapeutics Research Trust Ltd. of London England, a Registered Charity since 1969. As a practicing Holistic Physician of thirty-five years and director of four clinics in England, Dr. Singha was one of the most sought out healers of his time.

Dr. Singha lectured at Harvard, George Washington and Miami University Medical Schools, also at the American Holistic Medical Association, and the National Institute of Mental Health. His BBC Radio broadcasts and his video Food is Medicine - Medicine is Food , have brought his unique and challenging perspective to a fascinated public.

Dr. Singha put emphasis on strengthening the body's natural defenses through detoxification and nourishment, and inspired the desire for better health in an atmosphere of trust and celebration. He always stressed the importance of the skin as an organ of elimination and absorption. With this in mind he developed his unique Mustard Bath formula.

Shyam Singha was a man who lived life totally, encouraging and supporting others to do the same. He brought this quality to everything he did. Born and raised in a spiritual community in the Himalayas of Kashmir, he was immersed in a variety of traditional healing practices including Ayurvedic Medicine. His deeply compassionate nature and zest for life took him to China, Japan and Europe, where he continued to expand his knowledge. Dr. Singha devoted his life to the well-being of everyone around him.

Summer Soundtracks - Bose Soundlink Speakers

You always have to have a music soundtrack for the summer. You know it kind of makes the summer a memorable season of life. We've been discovering some awesome new music. And picked up a pair of Bose Soundlink speakers that are travel-friendly and easy to store. We found these at Target retailing for about US$129. Sounds great!

Check out this video by Kevin Olusola. He's a founding member of group Pentatonix and an amazing musician.

Laila Salt and Honey Scrub

So we took a bit of a hiatus this year but we're back...with more content and excited about all the new things we have in store starting this Late Summer.

One of our favorite things to make are salt and honey scrubs. They are the best Do It Yourself beauty projects and the more you make the more fun you can have with it.  So many beauty products have too many unhealthy and toxic preservatives. Keep it simple.

The salt and honey scrub recipe we love is below. We fell in love with this Norwegian perfume called Laila and added about 1/2 tsp to our salt and honey scrub.

Our skin was supersoft and the scent absolutely divine! It's fresh and floral and light for the summer.

Salt and Honey Scrub 
2 cups extra virgin organic olive oil
2/3 cup raw honey AND 3 cups sea salt (fine) or coarse (blend/grind)
Mix the first 2 ingredients together in a bowl. Gradually mix in the salt 1/2 cup at a time. It's easiest to mix with your hands. Wear gloves if you have sensitive skin.

Add salt in half cup increments until it's a gritty oily paste. 
You can add a tablespoon or a couple of teaspoons of your favorite essential oils. We made a whole batch and put a small amount into a separate container so we could play around with different fragrances and scents. Have fun with this - it's super easy!

Monday, January 5, 2015

WINTER 2015 - Beauty & Health Bootcamp

Illustration: Agency Dreamstime winter is here. HAPPY NEW YEAR! Here is our Winter 2015 Bootcamp.

We're continuing on with some of the recipes from our Fall 2014 Bootcamp. But with colder temperatures that make staying inside more appealing - we decided to focus our attention on getting organized, a little redecorating, our feet (got some awesome foot soak recipes), some deep conditioning regimens for our hair, a day at the sauna and more.

Week One
Fruit/Veggie Smoothies: Blackberry Baobab Fruit Smoothie
Water: Bottle Water every day
Detox: Lemon Water
Shopping List: About Town - Ethiopian Coffee - Avoca; La Belle Boutique, Plano; Peppersmash Urban Kitchen, Plano.
Hair Deep Conditioning Regimen
Beautiful Feet: Foot Soak

Week Two
Fruit/Veggie Smoothies: Orange Crush
Water: Bottle Water every day
Detox: Bitter Melon Vegetable Juice
Organizing 101: The Bathroom - Creating An Oasis

Week Three
Fruit/Veggie Smoothies:
Water: Bottle Water every day
Detox: Bitter Melon Vegetable Juice & Lemon Water
Shopping List: TBA

Week Four
Fruit/Veggie Smoothies:
Water: Bottle Water every day
Detox: Lemon Water
Organizing 102: Getting Rid of Bedroom Clutter

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Fall 2014 Health & Beauty Bootcamp - Introducing Week Four

Photo: Agency Dreamstime

Our 4-Week Fall Health & Beauty Bootcamp has come to its conclusion. The whole purpose of this bootcamp was to focus on introducing some small changes in our diet, meditating on our financial wellness and coming up with a plan for a prosperous 2015. Our Bootcamp was inspired by the Hebrew New Year which began this September. Let's make 2015 a time of more discipline, changing old mindsets and bad habits and really making good habits, healthy nutrition and true beauty a part of our every day lifestyle.

WEEK FOUR is pretty simple - see if you can incorporate the following:

Make Two Fruit/Veggie Smoothies Twice A Week
Drink Lemon Water every week
Create A Menu for each week in the month - that keeps your daily routine from being boring. Make the last week of the month a fun week - go out to eat; try new restaurants; add a new global cuisine to your menu like Moroccan food or Chinese food.
Wine Tasting - add cherry or pomegranate wine to your grocery list.
Financial Wellness - listen to a video, audio or anything that focuses your mind on removing financial curses, getting out of a new book and develop a 12-month plan for what you want to achieve financially. Your mind, body and spirit health are often reflected in your financial wellness.

Here's a recap of Weeks 1-3. You can check out our previous posts for the details of each. We're getting ready for our Winter 2015 Bootcamp. Each one of our bootcamps is 4 weeks. We're doing this right along with you - being more disciplined, changing bad habits and being healthy on every level.

Fruit/Veggie Smoothie: Israel Melon & Cucumber
Wine Tasting: Cherry Wine

SHOPPING LIST #1: We picked our top 5 must-haves for our health & beauty bootcamp.



Fruit/Veggie Smoothie: Cantaloupe and Raspberry
Detox: Lemon Water
Cooking Day: SOUPS - Tomato Basil Soup